Facial acupuncture

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Facial acupuncture

Facial acupuncture
Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using needling as a beauty treatment for ages; these days have become an increasingly popular procedure to reverse signs of aging.

Acupuncture is a natural alternative to improve the appearance and health of the skin; its benefits go beyond cosmetics uses to promote overall wellness:

  • It stimulates collagen production, which slows down over time; this way helps restore the skin elasticity.
  • It reduces wrinkles and lessens fine lines, promising a facial rejuvenation look-alike effect.
  • It helps heal acne scars and remove age spots.
  • Stimulation of facial acupoints increases blood flow, therefore, improving the natural healing process to produce new tissue.
  • It helps reduce inflammation, muscular tension, and relieve anxiety.

Free consultation and price

Get all answers about Acupuncture and your specific needs. We will talk about insurance plans coverage and the frequency of treatments.
Prices vary depending on the complexity, frequency, and type of therapies. Prices range from $60 to $95, and we offer discount packages.



Alternative or complementary

Acupuncture is either an alternative or a complementary therapy for your health conditions. You can do it as supportive therapy for other treatments like chiropractor, physical therapy, medical treatments, working instead or together for better results, and reducing side effects.


Finding the root

Unlike conventional medicine that treats symptoms and specializes in different areas, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine look at patients as a whole system and finds the origin of imbalance to correct problems from the root.

Retrain your body

It is crucial to have a series of treatments for your body to reset how to function correctly. Just like training a muscle, it needs repetition and persistence. Acupuncture stimulates your body´s power to heal, avoiding the use of medications that, most of the time, are just covering symptoms.

Finding the root

Unlike conventional medicine that treats symptoms and specializes in different areas, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine look at patients as a whole system and finds the origin of imbalance to correct problems from the root.

Retrain your body

It is crucial to have a series of treatments for your body to reset how to function correctly. Just like training a muscle, it needs repetition and persistence. Acupuncture stimulates your body´s power to heal, avoiding the use of medications that, most of the time, are just covering symptoms.

We can also help you with:

Pain Relief

Get pain relief naturally, without medications, for many conditions especially for:

  • Lower back
  • Knee
  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Wrist
  • Migraine headaches
  • Tennis elbow
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual
  • Abdominal
Living your life to the fullest, without limitations and daily discomfort, being able to move or stay calm without pain, not risking your health with medication’s side effects, and being able to play, exercise, and have sex without restriction.

Weight Loss

Lose weight without endless diets by:

  • Reducing the appetite.
  • Controlling anxiety eating.
  • Improving digestion and defecation.
You are obtaining the desired weight and body appearance that makes you feel secure, sexy, and light to wear the clothes you like, doing your dreamed activities, and cutting that extra weight that is causing pain.


Get rid of anxiety caused by:

  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Drugs
  • Trauma
  • Chronic illness
  • Diet
Feeling at peace, and centered, without letting outside circumstances affect you. You are secure and in control of your emotions without using harmful drugs.


Relieve depression caused by:

  • Unexpected events
  • Loved ones losses
  • Economic hardship
  • Chronic illness and pain
  • Loneliness
  • Drug and alcohol addictions
Feeling positive, and happy. Being motivated to work on those desired projects, meeting with friends and family, and fully enjoying life.


Sleep well, and get back to your normal biological cycle by reducing the following affecting factors:

  • Unhealthy habits, like drugs, alcohol, addictions
  • Emotions like stress, anxiety and overthinking
  • Chronic illness and pain
  • Hormonal imbalances like in Menopause
  • Jet lag condition
  • Increased night time melatonin production
Sleeping again like a baby. Waking-up rested, with lots of energy, doing activities like play, exercise with more stamina, being more focused, and productive at work.


Overcoming addictions by:

  • Increasing detoxification process.
  • Reducing cravings of unhealthy substances (alcohol, drugs, sugar)
  • Creating feeling of calmness and relaxation.
  • Relief from withdrawal symptoms.
Living your life with no need of substance consumption, being present on what is around you with control and enjoyment. Using your money on more productive things and creating better and healthier relationships.


Get rid of Menopause symptoms by:

  • Regulating hormonal imbalances
  • Relief from hot flashes
  • Reducing Irritability
  • Adjusting sleep cycles
  • Increasing libido
Feeling a total woman again without hot flashes and renewed sexual desires. Living with a better mood and enjoying loving relationships. Performing daily activities without the need of cooling down or getting your clothes wet.


Stop allergy symptoms by:

  • Modulating immunity
  • Reducing inflammatory response of body
  • Clearing nasal congestion
  • Stop sneezing
  • Increased bronchial capacity
Being able to breath again, without restrictions. Going outdoors and not having to take over the counter medications that makes you drowsy. You deserved to live your life and smell the roses.

Why come to Sanar Healing

We dedicate the appropriate time to listen to your concerns, and worries regarding your health.
We offer you a holistic approach not only based on Chinese Medicine but also on Bioenergetic theories.
We give you tools and suggestions for your wellness so you can be empowered about your healing process.

Getting started with Acupuncture

Schedule a free initial consultation to answer all your questions regarding:

  • Your health concerns and how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine helps
  • Frequency of treatments
  • Prices and discounted out of pocket packages
  • Medical Insurance verification of coverage

Medical History Review


Consent of treatment

Evaluation, assessment, and treatment plan

Free Consultation
Dr. Liliana Gomez

About us

Dr. Liliana Gomez

Dr. Gomez immigrated to the USA in 2013. Back in Colombia she finished a Bachelors in Marketing and Business. She knew her mission is services and healing so she decided to be trained as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist to get involved in the medical field. After some years in health care, wanting to learn more and be part of patient care in a holistic way, she stepped into Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

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Sanar Healing Therapies

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How much Acupuncture cost?
Prices vary depending on the complexity, frequency, and type of therapies performed during treatment. At Sanar Healing, prices vary from $60 to $95, we offer free consultations and discount packages. We also take PPO (out of network) insurance plans if covered.
Does acupuncture hurt?
Although acupuncture usually doesn’t cause pain, there is a slim chance you feel some sensitivity during the insertion of the pins. That is entirely normal, but the experience could be different for everyone. Most people experience a sense of relaxation during treatments.
Talk to your therapist about what to expect and discuss any concerns about the procedure before the treatment begins.
Is acupuncture safe?
When conducted by experienced acupuncturists, treatments are entirely safe. TCM is recommended as a safe practice to treat several diseases and conditions and regulated by different health care systems and organizations worldwide.
Needling is the most common technique used to stimulate acupoints. Needles are exceptionally thin and rounded-edge, so they can’t cut your skin; they’re also sterile, disposable, so avoiding any risk of infection.
Does acupuncture have any side effects?
Most common sedatives and anti-inflammatory medications can cause physical discomfort and dangerous side effects.
Unlike conventional Western Medicine, alternative Medicine is designed to work according to nature. By enhancing all body functions, it activates the immune system response; therefore, the healing process comes from inside your body.
This natural and non-invasive treatment provides an analgesic and sedating effect to help pain release, also minimal or non-existent side effects compared to prescribed medications.
How long do treatments last? How many sessions will I need?
A single session may last between 45 to 60 minutes, but the number of treatments depends on several factors.
At Sanar Healing, the first visit consists of evaluating your current condition, diagnosis, and herbal formulas to suggest for an individualized treatment plan. Then we'll discuss with you the method, frequency, and the number of sessions that can better suit your needs and expectations.
What is the best type of acupuncture for me?
Complementary and/or Alternative Medicine involves different methods and techniques. Most popular TCM treatments use traditional Acupuncture, usually combined with other forms of therapy to increase effectiveness.

Our healing techniques may include Cupping, Moxibustion, Tuina massage, Gua Sha, and Herbal Prescription; also the use of non-invasive tools like energy amplifiers, magnets, and colored-light.

When looking for Acupuncture in Weston, Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, or Plantation, we offer you customized treatments.

We'll make sure the recommended technique and intent of the treatment fit for your unique condition, diagnosis, and criteria.

What is facial acupuncture?

Beneficial effects of Oriental medicine have been known for ages, whether for pain relief, curing illnesses, or beauty treatments. Either ancient practices of TCM or latest procedures like micro-needling are designed to promote the proper functioning of body systems naturally.


Facial acupuncture or cosmetic acupuncture refers to using a needling technique for esthetic purposes. That is a natural alternative to improve the appearance and health of the skin and reverse signs of aging.

How does it work?

This alternative form of treatment seeks to restore health by correcting the energy flow stimulating specific points called meridians.


TCM centers on balancing yin and yang forces that exist as energy or “qi,” affecting both nature and human beings. All treatments aim to restore these principles to work together in harmony when disrupting and correct the qi flow to promote healing.

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Beauty treatments commonly involve needling the face, sometimes other points along the body. We have 12 primary energy meridians connected with the main organs; the stimulation of acupoints redirect the energy flow to the intended area.

Stimulation of acupoints triggers a response from various systems in the body allowing different beneficial effects to occur:

  • Increased blood flow. Increased blood flow helps the cardiovascular system work better, promoting natural detoxification, bringing oxygen to skin cells.
  • It improves the immune system. Inserting needles creates minimal painless wounds called micro-traumas that drive your body to go into repair mode. While activating the body’s healing mechanisms, needling encourages the skin to make more collagen and new tissue.
  • It stimulates collagen production. Since this ability slows down over time, a boost in collagen production can restore the skin elasticity. It also aids reduce wrinkles and lessens fine lines, providing a facial rejuvenation look-alike effect.
  • Improvement of all body systems. Acupoints stimulation moves blood, helping regulate the function of nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, and immune systems.
  • Additional benefits. The mind-body approach and benefits of Oriental medicine go further. Even if the healing process starts and comes from inside the body, it can utterly improve the physical appearance of your skin. Overall wellness reflects in your face, and that’s how this beauty treatment works to help reverse signs of aging naturally.

Facial acupuncture or Botox, which is better?

From women’s magazines to beauty websites, there is a fair amount of data claiming facial acupuncture is “the new Botox.” These days this ancient method has become an increasingly popular procedure to deal with beauty issues.

Although needling and other alternative therapies can achieve amazing results may be necessary to set a difference out. It’s not just different techniques but complete concepts here.

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Conventional beauty treatments are invasive medical procedures that perform dramatic changes to reshape some structures of the body:

  • Cosmetic and plastic surgeons focus on correcting and rebuilding through surgical techniques; Botox blocks nerve signals and freeze muscles, while dermal fillers intend to fill in selected face areas. Although they look for enhancing a person’s appearance these practices entail severe risks to health.
  • When involving surgery, side effects might include inflammation, post-operative pain, complications from anesthesia, or facial implants; since pain management often includes analgesics and painkillers, you’ll even be dealing with the side effects of medications.
  • Botox and most dermal fillers are potent neurotoxins even deadly, though purified to use safely; they both work by the injection of chemical products that “refill” and add volume to correct lines in the face or neck.
  • Most side effects can include weakness, paralysis, and muscle drooping; also swallowing, speaking, and breathing problems. Since they use substances external to the body, toxins can cause severe adverse reactions affecting your daily activities and health.


On the other hand, facial acupuncture provides non-invasive treatments and non-surgical tools. It’s a comprehensive method to naturally reduce external and internal signs of aging since beauty treatments are mainly related to overall health:

  • TCM therapies are designed to work according to nature by activating your immune system response. This is a critical issue. The body’s ability to cure itself decreases while aging, which is the same as collagen production and cell regeneration.
  • Acupuncturists needle the skin’s surface to “wake up” your natural healing mechanisms; this procedure can target specific areas in the body in need of healing or regeneration.
  • Needling and various holistic therapies work as preventive methods rather than corrective ones. They seek to repair harm deeply from the inside of the body, bringing changes to superficial levels of your skin. This way, they can provide skin rejuvenation and anti-aging effects.
  • TCM procedures exceed cosmetic uses by reducing stress and releasing hormones like serotonin and endorphin. These natural neurochemicals promote feelings of happiness and relaxation, both impact factors to help beauty treatments work.
  • As it seeks a natural and less invasive approach, cosmetic acupuncture has proven safe, soothing beauty treatment with no harmful side-effects. 

What are the most Facial acupuncture benefits?

  • It promotes detoxification by increasing blood supply passing through the body. Oxygenation naturally helps make your skin look brighter, shiny, and younger.
  • It helps restore the skin tone and elasticity by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Needling causes the natural healing process and creation of new tissue to begin; that primarily helps to firm and tone up facial muscles promising a facial rejuvenation look-alike effect.
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  • It can treat skin concerns locally. Different techniques allow acupuncturists to address fill-up and lessening of wrinkles and fine lines, like frown lips, and smile lines. By sending collagen into specific areas to heal, they can also help with skin sagging; this procedure acts as a natural Botox and provides similar effects to a facelift.
  • It helps heal acne scars and remove age spots. The detoxification process improves the immune system’s ability to fight bacteria and other harmful elements to the skin. That helps to treat acne causes, allergies, skin conditions, and other aging factors to provide a healthier, flawless complexion.
  • It helps reduce muscular tension. Stimulation of acupoints relieves anxiety; it also induces to reduce inflammation, and pressure moves like furrow the brow or clenches the jaw, which remarkably helps add a softer complexion.
  • It provides long-term results. Beauty treatments offer a natural, less invasive way and long-term solution to help treat the signs of aging; although it may take a while to achieve results, changes will gradually come.
  • Facial acupuncture, along with other techniques can help you avoid costly cosmetic surgical procedures and their harmful side effects. Besides, it’ll improve your beauty while enhancing your overall health and quality of life.

If considering facial acupuncture, Sanar Healing offers you selected beauty treatments and well-trained acupuncturists that can better suit your needs and expectations.

At your first visit, we’ll evaluate your current condition; then, we’ll suggest an individualized treatment plan, including the method, frequency, and the number of sessions. We’ll make sure the recommended technique and intent of the treatment fits your unique condition.

Cosmetic acupuncture increases effectiveness when combining beauty treatments with healthful habits, like a balanced diet and regular physical activity. As an alternative medicine, we offer our patients a holistic approach to treat any condition that may affect their health.

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